Keleman Point Farm

4570 Akron Peninsula Road
Boston Township, OH 44264

Goatfeathers Point Farm, 2020 RFP

Keleman Point Farm is a historical and sustainable farm in the heart of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The farmstead, established in 1875 by Nathaniel Point, is a typical example of a Pennsylvania/New York-style farm with the bank barn and farmhouse on opposite sides of Akron Peninsula Road. Please drive slowly thru the middle of this working farm. 

The historical farm produced potatoes, grains and milk. The current-day farmstead has Tennessee Fainting Goats for breed stock, and cashmere fiber; heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving; and harvest reserves for beef and pork. Eggs are for sale in the barn with other seasonal items. We intend on producing elderberry syrup, with the elderberry plants we will grow. As well as the honey we will produce from our hives. 

All livestock are naturally raised on rotational grazed pasture. Rotational grazing maintains healthy livestock, soil, and reverses the desertification of the planet. Save the Planet – Eat Pastured Meat! Please see Allan Savory’s lecture at http://youtu.be/vpTHi7O66pI for more information on desertification. Several of the breeds raised at Keleman Point Farm are heritage breeds recognized by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, ALBC livestockconservancy.org. The heritage breeds are promoted to prevent their disappearance. Heritage breeds are well suited for pasture, and although they take longer to grow, the flavor is fabulous! 

Keleman Point Farm naturally raised meats are for sale direct from the farm. Reserve a heritage turkey for Thanksgiving, or a beef side or bundle.
Contact us by phone
216-375-8782 or email kelemanpointfarm@gmail.com for availability. 

Keleman Point Farm and most of the livestock are visible from Akron Peninsula Road and the Bridle Path. Take a Sunday drive past the farm or hike the bridle trail and check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

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