Maddie Baker

Farm Intern

Hello there, my name is Maddie. From hiking, to gardening and building, I love getting my hands in the dirt and being outside. Currently, I am going to school for Sustainable Agriculture but previously studied environmental science. I found through the work of learning regenerative agriculture, I could possibly help to create the change by finding ways of evolving agriculture to promote natural ecosystems that aid in protecting the natural flora and fauna, providing a bounty of food for generations to come. I believe that in order to protect the environment, we as humans need to understand and feel our connection to the ecosystems we use to survive. To me, regenerative farming is one way to help build community and create a more involved relationship to the land and the things in our lives that come from it. I love to learn and evolve my thinking. I also have an interest in beekeeping, food forest design, silvopasture, and natural building design.

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