Purplebrown Farmstead

458 W Hines Hill Rd
Boston Heights, OH 44236
(216) 299-6958

Schmidt-Foster Farm, 2015 RFP

We are growing a resilient and productive food forest, including cider apples, diverse fruits & nuts, veggies, herbs, flowers, mushrooms, and complimentary animal products. Our farm store is open seasonally and you can find us at the Howe Meadow Farmers Market in the summer.

We take a permaculture approach, implemented swale and berm system in our orchard, incorporate vermicomposting and cover crops to build soil, divert from the waste stream, minimize inputs, stack functions, measure twice, cut once and integrate diversity as much as we can. We host community events throughout the year, focused on permaculture, education and recreation.

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Learn more about us at https://www.purplebrownfarmstead.com/

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