Stephen Fopeano

Stephen Fopeano

Farm Intern

I live in Cleveland, am married and retired. I had a 50 year career in nursing, mostly in mental health, including many years as a visiting nurse in the Cleveland inner city.

More relevant to the NFA, I own 40 acres in Noble County, SE Ohio which has evolved from a cabin retreat to a prepper’s refuge to a wannabe homestead in progress. It is off grid with no grid electricity or city water (intentionally and philosophically). There is a small cabin, endless building projects and a 500 gallon rainwater collection system.

The property is mostly woodland. I am developing a small (20-25) tree Asian pear orchard with organic, permaculture informed companion planting, including hazelnut, elderberry, gooseberry and blueberry at this point. I have no experience with farm animals and internal combustion engines die when they see me coming.

Although I learn much from my library of homesteading, small scale farming and orcharding books, I know there is no substitute for first hand experience and mentoring. I don’t know what I don’t know and I look to the Countryside NFA to help bridge that gap. What I do know, I am happy to share with others.

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