Wren Kohler

Farm Intern

Wren is a life-long dabbler and collector of hobbies and skills, which makes them perfect for farming! They grew up on a small hobby farm and orchard, always playing outside and exploring the land. They attended Walsh University and graduated with a degree in medical biology with an intent to attend a military medical school. Thankfully, they took a hard pivot and followed a winding trail of various nature-related jobs and gigs post-graduation. With the quarantine of 2020, Wren started a mutual aid food distribution program in their apartment complex, helped start an LGBTQ delivery-based food bank, and began to learn foraging. These projects highlighted the sheer amount of need right within their community but they were frustrated with the lack of availability of fresh food to distribute to the people. Later that year, Wren took a job with the Big Love Network to create food forests in historically red-lined neighborhoods using permaculture methods, jumpstarting their love of urban regenerative agriculture and Indigenous history. Nowadays, Wren works with Serve The People Akron and enjoys hanging out with their dog, making art,  skateboarding, and learning plant medicine.

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