Local Thanksgiving Turkeys

Photo by Ryan Grzybowski

Harvest Bell Farm

Their turkeys live on the back pasture where they are moved on a weekly basis to ensure the best diet possible. What they do not get from the earth is given to them through locally sourced non-gmo grains. Offering Broad-Breasted White and Broad-Breasted Bronze Turkeys.

Click here for more details and a downloadable form to reserve your bird!

Tea Hills Farms

Their turkeys have lived a nutrient-rich life in a naturally stimulating environment. They offered 5 different breeds this year, but the only breed that is not yet sold out is Broad Breasted Bronze.

Click here for more details and to reserve your bird!

Tierra Verde Farms

Offering pasture raised turkeys that are GMO-free and never given hormones or antibiotics. They offer a small, medium, large and extra large option.

Click here for more details and to reserve your bird!

Trapp Family Farm

Their turkeys can be seen moving pasture to pasture just off of 303. They are covering 4 plus acres this year culminating in a 1/4 acre finish on a forest of 8-9 foot high sorghum-sudangrass, sunflowers, clovers, chicory, kale and more.

They are asking $4.75/lb. Payment will be by cash or check at the time of pickup. They are discontinuing payments through Venmo.

They are offering two pickup dates with the following estimated weight ranges:

  • Saturday evening October 30th: 8-16 lbs
  • Sunday evening November 21st: 12-25+ lbs

Email trapp.family.farm@gmail.com to reserve your turkey(s). In your email, specify which date and whether you want the neck and/or giblets (liver, heart, and gizzard). Details on the pickup will be emailed the week before your pickup date.

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