Like many of the farms in our region, the New Farmer Academy (NFA) might appear dormant in the winter. You won’t see many pictures of colorful vegetables, verdant rural landscapes, or smiling interns on our social media feeds for the next few months. There will be plenty happening behind the scenes, though!

This winter, NFA staff will be busy assembling next year’s team of interns and mentor farmers, tweaking our training curriculum, and planning our crop rotations and special projects for the upcoming season. We have some BIG plans in the works for 2022, including:

  • Beekeeping
  • Exploring hydroponics
  • Fun farm events featuring NFA-grown produce and florals
  • New crops such as edible flowers and microgreens
  • A New Farmer Academy table at Countryside farmers’ markets

We hope you will follow along in the new year as we prepare for our best season yet!

~The New Farmer Academy Team

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