There have been a lot of big changes at Old Trail Farm this year, including our latest improvement – new plastic on the greenhouses!

A crew from Yoder’s Produce Supply began this project when the weather was still warm and sunny. The first step was stripping the old plastic off the houses.


The use of plastic in agriculture is a double-edged sword. On one hand, “plasticulture” generates a lot of waste because the plastics used cannot be recycled. On the other, it enables farmers in regions that experience cold winters, like ours, to grow crops in the early spring and late fall (known as the “shoulder seasons”) – and even into the winter months! Until biodegradable or recyclable options are available and affordable, many farmers have no choice but to use plastic if they want their businesses to succeed.


Before the work crew had a chance to get the new plastic up, the weather turned stormy and the temperatures dropped! I had to cover these crops to protect them from the elements.


The new plastic went up last week.


All of our crops survived! Our greenhouses are heated and have a double layer of plastic that is inflated with a small motor for better insulation. We’ll be able to harvest these delicious vegetables through the winter and into the spring.


Our beautiful new greenhouses.

Many thanks to Old Trail School for this awesome upgrade!

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