Support Countryside Farmers’ Markets

Countryside began managing farmers’ markets in 2004. Today, we operate two Farmers’ Markets in Summit County, Ohio.

Countryside Farmers’ Market at Howe Meadow:
This market is located in the beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National Park, operating May – October and moves indoors to Old Trail School, November – April.

The markets collectively serve over 60,000 customers each year, and the vendors earn over $1M in annual gross sales.

The purpose of the Countryside Farmers’ Markets is three-fold:

  • Provide a venue where local farmers, producers, artisans, and artists can sell their high-quality products directly to the consumer.
  • Connect consumers with a wide array of locally grown and produced foods and goods in a setting that allows them to interact directly with the grower or producer, thereby re-connecting them directly to the source of their food.
  • Create a space that allows for community interaction and enjoyment, informal public education and civic engagement.

Market sponsorships are now available!

Your donation supports the behind-the-scenes and on-site hard-work of Countryside Farmers’ Markets and helps ensure their sustainability.

If you are interested in a market sponsorship, please contact Tracy Emrick, CEO at

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