TANF Fruit & Vegetable Program

You could be eligible for $40 in FREE fruits and vegetables through Countryside Curbside Farmers’ Market at Old Trail School!

Eligible recipients meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You are a US citizen OR meet a citizen exception
  2. You have a minor child in the household or are pregnant
  3. Your monthly household income is at or below:
    • $2,127 for a one person household
    • $2,874 for a two person household
    • $3,620 for a three person household
    • $4,367 for a four person household
    • $5,114 for a five person household

If you meet these criteria, click the button below to complete an eligibility form.

What happens next?

Please allow 5 working days for review and verification of eligibility.

If you are not eligible, we will contact you to let you know.

If you are eligible:

  • An account will be created for you in the Curbside ordering platform; you will receive email notification to access this account.
  • It will be pre-loaded with $40 in credits to be applied to fruit & vegetable purchases. (Credits expire June 30, 2021.)
How to Redeem your Fruit & Vegetable Coupons via Countryside Curbside

Sign up at: https://countryside.localfoodmarketplace.com/account/register

  1. Enter your email & create a password.

  2. Select your customer type: 
    • Choose “TANF + SNAP” if you also receive SNAP benefits 
    • Choose “TANF + Credit Card” if you do NOT receive SNAP. A credit card will be required to confirm your order but will not be charged until after your free fruit & vegetable coupons are redeemed. 
  3. Enter your phone number 
    • **Note: Please uswhere you can be reached between 9am-12pm on Saturdays in case we need to reach you during pickup 
  4. Once you confirm your registration, select “Account Overview” to select your preferred pick-up time on Saturday in the drop-down box. (You can change this from week to week).

  5. Pickup your order at market & enjoy! See below for what to bring:
    • If you are a“TANF +CREDIT CARD customer:
      • Bring your paper coupons with you to redeem with market staff during pick-up. Vouchers must be used in their full $5 increments at the time of redemption (no change given).
      • On the Monday following the market, the pick-up fee will be removed from your order and your TANF coupons will be applied to your total. Your credit card will then be run for the remaining balance.
    • If you are a“TANF +SNAP customer:
      • Bring your paper coupons with you to redeem with market staff during pick-up. Vouchers must be used in their full $5 increments at the time of redemption (no change given).
      • You may bring any additional EBT or Produce Perks tokens you have from previous markets. Those must be used in the full $1 increments.
      • The pick-up fee will be removed and your remaining balance will be processed with your Ohio Direction Card on site by market staff. 
        • Don’t forget, purchases are matched up to $25 in Produce Perks for fresh produce! (If you do not spend the full match amount on an order, you will receive the excess in physical tokens to be redeemed on a future order or at in-person markets).
How do I shop?

Review the Countryside Curbside Farmers’ Market at Old Trail School ordering and pick-up information.

You can order non-produce items as well, to be paid for with credit card or SNAP (if you are enrolled).

Your order will not automatically reflect the Fruit & Vegetable credits; these will be manually applied before payment with credit card (on Friday afternoon) or SNAP (on Saturdays, at pick-up).

  • NOTE: You do not have to spend the full $40 on one Curbside order. Your balance will be available until your $40 has been fully spent.

If you are enrolled in SNAP, you are also eligible for Produce Perks. To learn more, expand the “Ohio Direction Card (SNAP//EBT) Customers” section on the Countryside Curbside Farmers’ Market at Old Trail School page.

Additional Shopping Information

The farmers and food producers who sell through Countryside’s markets are all from within a 75 mile radius and are at the mercy of Ohio weather. January and February see the least diversity and quantity in local produce. We recommend shopping early in the order period for the best selection. Starting in March, availability will start to increase again.

  • For a general guide to Northeast Ohio seasonality, click here.

To protect the items you are selecting from selling to another customer, simply confirm your order with your first item. This will secure this item and additional items as you add to your order.

  • This requires two clicks. Click the “Confirm Order” button on the pop-up that appears when you add your first item to the cart. Then click the red “Confirm” button in the upper right above your order summary.

You can easily add to your order anytime the store is open after you have confirmed it – all additions will automatically be combined into the same order and billed together after pick-up.

Some products are offered in different sizes – don’t overlook the small downward facing triangle indicating a drop-down menu with size variations.


Please contact Jenna Eastman at jeastman@countrysidefoodandfarms.org.

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