TANF Fruit & Vegetable Program

You could be eligible for $40 in FREE fruits and vegetables through Countryside Curbside Farmers’ Market at Old Trail School!

Eligible recipients meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You are a US citizen OR meet a citizen exception
  2. You have a minor child in the household or are pregnant
  3. Your monthly household income is at or below:
    • $2,127 for a one person household
    • $2,874 for a two person household
    • $3,620 for a three person household
    • $4,367 for a four person household
    • $5,114 for a five person household

If you meet these criteria, click the button below to complete an eligibility form.

What happens next?

  • Please allow 3 working days for review and verification of eligibility.
  • If you are not eligible, we will contact you to let you know.
  • If you are eligible:
    • An account will be created for you in the Curbside ordering platform; you will receive email notification to access this account.
    • It will be pre-loaded with $40 in credits to be applied to fruit & vegetable purchases. (Credits expire June 30, 2021.)

How do I shop?

  • Review the Countryside Curbside Farmers’ Market at Old Trail School ordering and pick-up information.
    • Markets are bi-weekly through April.
    • The Curbside store is open between Tuesday, 10am and Wednesday, 6pm for pick-up the following Saturday.
  • You can order non-produce items as well, to be paid for with credit card or SNAP (if you are enrolled).
  • Your order will not automatically reflect the Fruit & Vegetable credits; these will be manually applied before payment with credit card (on Friday afternoon) or SNAP (on Saturdays, at pick-up).
  • NOTE: You do not have to spend the full $40 on one Curbside order. Your balance will be available until your $40 has been fully spent.
  • If you are enrolled in SNAP, you are also eligible for Produce Perks. To learn more, expand the “Ohio Direction Card (SNAP//EBT) Customers” section on the Countryside Curbside Farmers’ Market at Old Trail School page.


Please contact Erin Molnar, Director of Local Food Programs, at emolnar@countrysidefoodandfarms.org.

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