I’m not a very good cook – I’m mediocre at best, but Thanksgiving has always been a time for me to get in there and get adventurous.

I’ve done things like try a new stuffing recipe, foolishly buying fresh bread the day before and then realizing I need it to be stale.

I’ve insisted on serving a local turkey, but waited until the last minute, forcing us to buy a turkey that was way to big for just a couple people to eat.

I’ve researched recipes weeks in advance, only to have a meltdown trying to decide between 12 different ways to make brussel sprouts.

I’ve decided the night before that I need a tofurkey, and dragged my boyfriend around to three different stores on Thanksgiving eve to locate one.

I’ve made plans far too big for our kitchen and dishware, and literally not had enough pans to cook things in.

I’ve decided to run a neighborhood race the morning of Thanksgiving, making us late for everything else we did that day.


No matter what goes wrong (and something always will), Thanksgiving is my favorite because it’s all about the food. And what better way to honor the food than to buy the ingredients locally. It has become a mission for me to see how many parts of my Thanksgiving meal I can buy at the market. From sage to sweet potatoes (and even marshmallows!), a local t-gives is so much more meaningful, not to mention sweeter. Get all your fixings this Saturday at our pre-Thanksgiving market, Countryside Old Trail School Winter Farmers’ Market from 9am-noon.
PS: If you’re anything like me, I would suggest making a list to minimize forgetfulness and aimless wandering.

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