At Old Trail Farm, our main garden is a no-till zone, but there is a time and a place for tilling – especially when it means we get to use our BCS walk-behind tractor! We cut our teeth on this piece of equipment a few weeks ago breaking ground to add 20 new blueberry plants to our berry patch.

This week we found a new use for our tiller attachment – demolishing a brush pile to turn it into compost. Everyone was more comfortable working the BCS this time around, and we had a blast pulverizing old brambles with it!

First we spread out our brush pile (which was mostly made up of brambles and branches we had cleared last season) to create a level surface.

Then we got to tillin’!

Here’s Tiffany, owning that machine like a boss!

Next up, Heather.

Hey, Dominick’s, look at this maniac sporting your merch!

Trish, where is your face?? (It was pretty chilly outside that day!)

Last but not least, check out Dylan, tillin’ like a villain.

Tilling isn’t always the best option for your soil, but the BCS sure helped us make short work of that brush pile. And our no-till garden beds will love a nice blanket of this beautiful compost when we tuck them in for the winter this year!

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