My dishwasher doesn’t know what hit it.

It has never seen this much action, and we have never cooked so many days in a row.

In a normal time, I pepper in a few takeout/leftover nights throughout the week. But the past couple months, between every person in our family being home 100% of the time, the kitchen has been the most bustling room in our entire house.

I don’t mind it – in fact I love it. There are many perks, such as actually saving a bit of money (I guess it really is true that it is cheaper to eat at home), but the best part about it all is getting to share more quality meals with the people I love.

We’ve been adventurous in the kitchen lately, both in the way of baking treats and with new dinner recipes.

My favorite new dinner discovery was born out of a shortage in the grocery store. In preparation for our usual Taco Tuesday, my boyfriend ran to the grocery store in his protective gear to get tortillas. To his chagrin, every other family must’ve had the same idea, because there was not a tortilla in sight.

I’m not sure why this has never crossed our minds before, but for the first time I looked up a recipe for homemade tortillas, and it was much simpler than I anticipated: flour, salt, water and oil. We have all of those things!

As is my signature move lately, I sent the recipe to my boyfriend and suggested/requested he make them for us. Luckily he was up for the unknown and proceeded to make the best dang tortillas I’ve had in my entire life. Each one was perfectly imperfect and had warmth and texture you just don’t get from the ones in the store. Something about creating tortillas when none existed before made us appreciate them that much more, and from what I heard, it was actually pretty easy!

From here on out, I will always prefer the homemade tortilla, and I am always okay with washing extra dishes because it means QT: quality time and quality tortillas.

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