What kind of strawberry are you? Take this quiz to find out, and learn about the different varieties of strawberries! 

Keep a running tally in your head while you take this quiz. To get your results, you will add up the numbers that correspond with your answer choices.

Strawberry Quiz


It’s finally Saturday and you’re ready to visit the farmer’s market! What time are you going?

1 – I’ll be lined up first thing!

2 – I’ll go somewhere in the middle

3 – I like to sleep in a bit, so I’ll go at the end


At the market, you find strawberries in the perfect shade of red and buy a pint. How are you going to eat them?

1 – Just as they are!

2 – I’m going to make a smoothie with them 

3 – I’m going to put them in a fruit salad


Strawberries are a member of the rose family of plants. Which other member of the rose family are you eager to put on your plate?

1 – Apples 

2 – Peaches 

3 – Cherries 


Americans eat about 3.4 pounds of fresh strawberries each year. If you had to guess, how do you compare?

1 – I probably eat less…

2 – 3.4 pounds sounds about right!

3 – Only 3.4 pounds? I must be the outlier! 


You have some extra strawberries and want to save them for later. What are you going to do?

1 – Freeze them for future happiness 

2 – Dehydrate them for snacks

3 – Make jam for sandwiches 

Calculate your score by adding together the numbers next to your answer choices.

5-7 points

Earliglow: the role model

Earliglow strawberries are one of the first varieties to ripen in the harvesting season. In fact, it is often used as a reference for ripening times of other strawberry varieties. These berries are deep red, and are a great choice for canning due to their sweetness. Additionally, they are resistant to common berry diseases, making them a popular plant. They are June bearers, meaning the bulk of the crop will produce in June and July.

Similar to this berry, in life, you are seen as a leader, and others look up to you! Your sweet personality makes you a great friend, and you always stand up for yourself and others. 

8-12 points

Jewel: the outgoing one

Jewel strawberries are large with excellent flavor, great for desserts and freezing. The jewel variety is often plentiful at pick-your-own berry operations because the berries have firm skin, are easily pickable, and consistently produce a high yield. Pleasing to the eye, this variety of strawberry attracts many consumers. One bite into a Jewel strawberry will show you just how juicy and sweet these berries can be. This plant stays low to the ground and is popular in both commercial growing and home gardens.  

Similar to this berry, in life, you are popular among people of all backgrounds. Your friendliness and strength attract people to you. The relationships you form are deep and long lasting. As you continue your personal growth, you will see your network grow as well. 

13-15 points

Tristar: the dependable one

You can always count on each bite of a Tristar strawberry being a good one, because this variety is firm and solid, without hollow cores. The most appealing aspect of this strawberry variety is the yield potential. The spring starts with a strong production, and this plant will continue to produce berries all summer long if the conditions are right. The sweet part is an additional boom in production in the late summer, where they can produce at their maximum potential. Tristar is a great variety for hanging baskets.

Similar to this berry, in life, you are resilient and there when others need you. People can approach you with a task and confidently know that you will get it done. You are a strong pillar in your relationships, and others often feel comfortable asking you for help. 

Strawberries are now in season, but they go QUICK!

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