Just like people, there are oodles of apples in our world, all with different characteristics. Take the quiz below to find out which apple you should try this fall! 

Keep a running tally in your head while you take this quiz. To get your results, you will add up the numbers that correspond with your answer choices.

Apple Quiz


Fall is known for many activities, apple picking being one of them. Are you going to pick your own apples, or pick them up from the market?

1 – Pick a peck of my favorite kind of apples

2 – Purchase a peck of my favorite kind of apples from the market

3 – Pick a variety of apples

4 – Purchase a variety from the market


You have an abundance of apples! What are your plans?

1 – Store them for winter and spring

2 – Make applesauce

3 – Share with a friend 

4 – Make cider


It’s the weekend and you are driving through the market to pick up your pre-order. Who is in the car with you?

1 – Spouse or significant other

2 – Just me

3 – Children/Grandchildren

4 – other family or friends


What’s your favorite way to eat apples?

1 – Plain and Whole

2 – Baked into a dessert

3 – Sliced with a dip

4 – In a drink


There are so many varieties of apples, developed from all around the world. Have you traveled anywhere in the world?

1 – Just Ohio

2 – I’ve been to a few states

3 – I’ve been to Canada

4 – I’ve traveled across the world

Add up your total score and read about your apple! For the fun of it, read about the rest of the apples as well. 

5-8 points


Melrose is the official ohio state apple, and is a cross of the jonathan and red delicious apple. It is firm and coarse but juicy, making it very good for cooking and desserts. When cooked, its sweet flavor is amplified. These are available from late fall to early winter. They continue to ripen once picked. Some say they are best to eat after Christmas for the best flavor.

9-12 points


Idared is a cross between the jonathan and wagener varieties. It was developed in idaho and thus named after the state. This variety is best for baking because they hold their shape. The taste is both sweet and tart, with firm yellow-green flesh, sometimes tinted rosy pink. In fact, you can make pink applesauce if you cook with the skins on! 

13-16 points


Originally from Canada, these apples were named after their founder, John McIntosh. McIntosh are a very popular apple for breeding new varieties. They develop their best flavor in colder climates, producing a taste that is generally sweet with a bit of acidity. However, flavor will mellow with storage, so it is best to eat these fresh.The skin is usually delicate with a crimson color, and they grow to a small to medium size. 

17-20 points


If you’ve ever followed the motto “bigger is better”, this is the apple for you because mutsu can grow quite large. They look like a large golden delicious apple. If you plan to use them for a pie, you may only need 2-3 to fill your crust! These apples are native to Japan and are also known as crispin. Mutsu are a cross between golden delicious and Indo, which is a Japanese seedling. These are usually available later in the season.

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