This last Sunday I had the most delicious apple-filled donut I’ve ever tasted and was pleasantly surprised to see some of my favorite veggies at the market make an appearance, tatsoi and Brussels sprouts! We’ve also got a new meat vendor, Harvest Bell, that will be at the market with pork and turkey cuts as well as turkey pre-orders until Thanksgiving. Stay tuned, in the upcoming weeks we might even be adding in some new vendors to our mix!

Sometimes I get asked about why a certain vendor isn’t at the market for that day. As you can imagine, the reasons can vary quite a bit: on vacation, alternating at another market, or even just family/life obligations that come up. Despite what we all think about vendors, they aren’t superheroes (…or are they?) and they too need a break from time to time. We do however have a special power of our own as consumers. If your favorite vendor is at another market that week, tell them you want them at CPM by voting with your dollar. Sometimes vendors have other people that can operate their booth or perhaps a vendor might be on the verge of expanding but needs to know that there is a need for it. Let ‘em hear it! Pro tip: To see what vendors will be at the market for any given week, head over to our website and click on the interactive map for Countryside Public Market.

If you’ve been to CPM in the last 6 months and want to help us make the market even better, we want to hear from you! We’ll be launching a survey next week where you can make your voice heard! Keep your eyes out for the survey in next week’s newsletter!

-Alicia Hall

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