Just because it’s February doesn’t mean my farmers’ market finds dwindle.

Our Saturday market at Old Trail School is still brimming with great things – my shopping list can prove it.

Things I’m jamming on lately include:


  • spinach (I eat it raw with tofu, or sauté it up with onions and butter)
  • eggs (2 hard boiled eggs a day keep the doctor away.)
  • fresh pasta (I save this for a night when my boyfriend and I can eat dinner together – it feels fancy but is super fast.)
  • beets (As requested by said boyfriend. Recipe TBD.)
  • oatmeal (I’ve been experimenting with different recipes of overnight oats – so far peanut butter oats are my fave.)
  • bread (Where to begin on how much I love bread…last week I finished almost an entire focaccia on the drive home from the market.)
  • kettle corn (The night snack of champions.)
  • ever-crisp apples (New! Fresh out of storage, these puppies are reminiscent of my first love Honey-crisp. They are a must try.)
  • ruby chocolate, or any chocolate (Our beloved Heide of Chocolate Harmony is moving back to Texas after winter market ends. It is my goal to stock up on her confections so I don’t go into a deep depression.)

And that’s not all. Some of the area’s finest pastured meats, cheeses, hydroponic greens, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, jellies, nuts, honey, pet treats, spices, kombucha, coffee, body products, hummus, flours, mushrooms, succulents, baklava, herbs, spinach pies, gluten free bread, vegan pastries, granola, teas, crocheted items and glass art convene at 2315 Ira Road on Saturday mornings.

Plus, as a mid-season treat, we have two new vendors that joined us during the month of February.


  • C and K Farm, located in Medina, grows a wide range of leaves, roots, and fruits without the use of any chemicals. Currently, Cody brings salad turnips, greens, and the most delicious black walnuts I’ve ever had.
  • Crustworthy Bread, a cottage food artisan bakery based in Akron, just debuted at market. Tyler’s passion and love for fresh baked bread shine through in his baguettes, sourdoughs and herbed focaccia.
The only part that stinks about it all is that I have to wait two weeks until our next market. But as they say, the best things in life are worth waiting for…or something like that.

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