Countryside New Farmer Academy

Help beginning farmers get off to a good start!

Our New Farmer Academy:

  • Trains beginning farmer interns
  • Provides operational support for small, local farmers
  • Provides placement services to match interns & farmers
  • Hosts expert-led agriculture workshops

Look at the wish-list below. If you would like to sponsor an intern, have a used item, or would like to donate toward the purchase of an item, let us know! Let’s keep our farmers growing!

Small Gifts:

  • Dibblers: ~$15 each
  • Cattle Panels: ~$20 each
  • Hand-Held Wire Weeders: ~$25 each
  • 3 ¼” Stirrup Hoe: ~$60
  • Wire Hoe: ~$60
  • Shade Cloth: ~$150
  • Pinpoint Seeder*: ~$150
  • Mantis: ~$400
  • Jang Seeder*: ~$450
  • Greens Harvester*: ~$600
  • New Coffee Maker
  • New Microwave
  • Electric Hedge Trimmers

Large Gifts:

  • Compact or Sub-Compact Tractor*
  • No-Till Drill Seeder*
  • Utility and Stock Trailers*
  • Bed Maker (PTO)*
  • Skid Loader/Bobcat*
  • Farm Truck
  • Passenger Van


  • Sponsor an intern – about $12K
  • Sponsor a flock! Automated chicken coop or chicken tractors x 2, plus hens, feeders, waterers, bedding, feed, treats, etc. – price would vary based on design
  • Snack sponsor! – price would vary based on level
*Part of our tool / equipment library for local farmers 

Questions or want to make a contribution?
Please contact Countryside CEO Tracy Emrick temrick@countrysidefoodandfarms.org or call 234.334.4622.

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