Tiffany O’Neill

New Farmer Academy Intern

Growing up surrounded by artists, Tiffany knew it was only a matter of time that she too would become an artist. Tiffany studied commercial photography and fine art at Ohio University, which led her to a career in commercial product photography for many years in Chicago and Cleveland. While commercial photography was a great job, after years of working in the corporate world, she had the desire to be more creative, and knew that there was more to life than climbing the corporate ladder.

It wasn’t until a fateful day in 2016, when Tiffany’s friend asked her to adopt some of his backyard chickens. Adopting those chickens started Tiffany’s journey of pursuing a career and lifestyle of farming and sustainability. Tiffany quickly became the token “chicken lady” amongst her family and friends, and realized that stewarding land and animals was a way of life that brought her joy and she needed to pursue the path. Tiffany studied and received a market gardening certificate with The Ohio State University Cuyahoga Extension which then led her to Countryside’s New Farmer Academy. Tiffany looks forward to immersing herself in the farming community and learning more skills and techniques in the new farmers academy program to explore her future as a farmer.

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