Because of COVID, I, like perhaps many of you, have been spending a lot of time inside (prior to this unusually nice weather we are having). While spending hours upon days upon weeks upon MONTHS inside, I’ve noticed our utility bill steadily rising. This prompted me to look into ways we can cut back on unnecessary energy usage while being at home. So, here are some tips I’ve found that I would like to share with you!

Light Bulbs

Turn off the lights when you leave a room. I know, you’ve probably been hearing this since you were little, but do you always do it? I’m personally pretty good at keeping all of the lights off during the day and taking advantage of the natural light, however, at night time I am keeping lights on in rooms that I only pass through but am not presently active in. Also, if you haven’t switched to LED lighting yet, you should! LED lights last longer and are much more energy efficient!


Washer & Dryer

When possible, wash your clothes using cold water and opt to do laundry at night time. This will keep the house cooler, and reduce strain on the power grid during the peak usage hours of 4pm-6pm. Hang-drying clothes when possible will also forgo the need of the dryer, saving a lot of energy.



Don’t leave your computers, printers, and fax machines on or plugged in all day long. This wastes energy, as they should only be plugged in or turned on when in use! The same goes for your cell phone. Did you know that you shouldn’t leave your phone plugged in over night? Your cell phone should only take a few hours to charge, so plugging in for just the few hours before bed should suffice, saving energy used by being plugged in all night long!



Make sure all filters in your house are replaced often and kept clean. Dirty filters require the use of more energy, making them work harder and run longer than necessary.



Adjust your thermostat only to the desired temperature. Cranking it up or down will not make your house warmer or cooler any faster. The most efficient thermostats are those that are programmable to automatically adjust themselves according to your schedule. In the summer for example, this will keep your house cooler while you’re home and warmer while you’re away, using less energy.

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